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Plastic caps gives that finish touch to Round, Square and Rectangular RHS, The Steel end caps are simple to install simply knock them over or in the square RHS or round pipe.
Plastic Caps are used in many applications in the gate and fence industry also has many application in the furniture trade, engineering,  agriculture providing style and safety they are quick to install simply requires a soft hammer to knock them in the popularly of some end caps has brought the price down, Some usual sizes prices remain costly due to their usage, they are versatile, long wearing and stylish. We have a number of white caps suitable for aluminum but most caps today are black in colour, plastic caps are made from high density UV stabilized polyethylene due to the longevity and UV resistance. On the Gatesplus web site you can find a wide range of caps both round, square and rectangular also we stock a large range of Galvanized end caps mostly used as caps on RHS and round steel pipes and RHS, there is no maintenance, also can be used to cap the end of timber post preventing the ends spiting. Plastic caps are also know as Tube inserts , plastic end inserts all ideal for indoor/outdoor Furniture, playground equipment and adding that finishing touch to RHS Steel and Aluminum, Plastic caps can be called plastic end caps, plastic tops, Top end caps. We Stock cap of most popular sizes. These tube inserts range from square tube inserts, round tube inserts, rectangle tube inserts, steel tube inserts.

We delivered our steel post caps and plastic end caps tube insert Australia wide and New Zealand direct to your door; Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Tasmania, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Canberra.

Our End Caps are made from Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is a thermoplastic made from the monomer ethylene resins and offer durability. Plastic caps for square tubing must be from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP),
Lion Post cap
Post ball cap
We have full range of excellent quality of Plastic end caps, tube insert, plastic plugs and Plastic Caps for gate post, RHS Tubing, steel tube, rails etc we also stock a range of decorative top cap inserts both in plastic and aluminum.
Aluminum Caps
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Aluminum and Plastic Paling end caps

Aluminum Fence Post Caps

also known as Capitals for Post
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Steel Caps
Steel Caps
Plastic Caps
Plastic Caps
Plastic Caps
Capital fence post caps
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Capital post

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Aluminum square cap
Aluminum Lion Cap
Aluminium Post Ball cap
Aluminum fence tip
Aluminum picket top
Aluminum end cap
The benefits to using Plastic end caps as opposed to welding the end of tube is a lot more cost effective, less labour time, your able to take them out to clean the tube and in the case of water builds up in the tube. they can easily be painted over or left in their natural colour
Used intensively in the Gate and fencing industry plugging holes in Fence Post or adding a feature to the tops of Gate and fence Post.
Care should be taken when purchasing plastic caps, brittle caps smash in half when hit in by hammer my experience shows that the softer the cap the long it will last.
Lion Post
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Our range of plastic caps for tubing are easy to Install, Weather Resistant
and Durable.
round plastic fence caps
retangular fence post end caps
   Aluminum Post and Fence End Caps  

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