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Adding that final touch to your fence or gate give it a new look or enhances the appearance, careful planning at the start of any construction of a fence or gate can make it easy to install all of these fencing components can be easily painted. 

Enhance your Fence and Gate with these Components

Wrought iron fencing gives that authentic look to your old charm Victorian/historic home and still looks smart with modern Homes. Once where made with traditional tools and materials that lasted for years, spears where cast iron unlike today made from Aluminium, Fence railings where made from pig iron nowadays carbon steel and they where hand painted nowadays powder coated. Over time the aesthetic appeal of wrought iron look can degrade. Constant exposure to the outdoor sun and rain can cause wrought iron to rust and corrode. So there is a level of maintenance required periodic to help you restore and maintain that new look.

How can I Restore/Preserve Wrought Iron Fencing?

1. Clean around the Fence remove any vegetation as they can retain moisture and held against your fence cause corrosion. 

2. Grab a bucket of soapy water and a sponge and clean every part of the fence and gate, just like a car make sure you rinse well and allow to dry before proceeding.

3. Once clean check for any loose or rusted parts use hand wire brush and remove any surface rust then apply a rust convertor (obtainable for our web site under rust convertor)  to the rusted area, the simple brush on and wash off method works and it chemically converts rust to a non-reactive surface and works into deep and difficult nooks and crannies. (Read the instruction carefully and take the appropriate care when handling chemicals).

4. If the fence has been paint you need to scratch the surface so as the new paint will adhere too, I use a damp rag of thinners to etch the surface.

5. Now you should be able to notice any structural defects and carry out repairs and some cases welding will be required, we offer this service give us a call to discuss price.

6. Check the hinges to ensure proper operation and they may need to be replace, and I bet the gate lock needs replacing usually they are the first thing to failure, also replace any missing screws.

7. Painting - You need Patience applying a good coat to every part give your fence and gate the look and protection for years to come. These days I use a one coat application by using any Rust Guard paint Quick Dry Advanced Enamel Paint this can be either can spray or hand brushed on these types of paints can be purchased at Bunnings under the White Knight brand can be tinted to any colour.

And That's it - Well worth your time to protect your investment and maintain the great look.
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