Tom the handyman
Gerry the handyman
DIY Sliding gate kit before timber was applied
Sliding gate kit complete
Sliding gate kit with fence panels
Rich timber look on a sliding gate
DIY Sliding gate
Front View
Cladded with Western Aust Jarrah timber and the frame is made from galvanized steel. This gate is manually opened and closed.

Rear view of the sliding gate above showing the bracing.
Great work John!
attaching timber to a sliding gate

In this pictures, palings are being attached to a DIY sliding gate frame, and we’re absolutely sure it’s going to look fantastic! Excellent Job Tony!

DIY Sliding Gate Frame - Sliding Gate Kits

A monorail supports the sliding gate across the gravel driveway, and this can be supplied if there is no hard surface to which to attach the sliding gate, as shown above! The monorail costs an extra $112.00
Sliding gate on a gravel driveway
DIY Steel gate frame with timber
Sliding gate with timber
Picture Below
The kit cost $1850 and they saved over $3000 by doing it themselves! This sliding gate would have been valued at $5000 if a gate company was to build it! Size of sliding gate: 3000mmWx1800mmH. It was delivered in Queenscliff, in Victoria.
Here is a finished DIY sliding gate kit that one of our customers finished in a single weekend!
Timber sliding gate
timber sliding gate front view
Top two pictures above
Richard is an MD for a lighting company, and in just 2 days he attached the timber and increased the value and security of his home.
Well done Richard

Powder Coated Sliding gate Kit and a DIY Gate frame.
12 / 24 VDC
Need a DIY Sliding Gate Motor
Low Voltage
      Solar Powered
sliding gate opener
DIY Sliding Gate Motor
More details on DIY sliding gate motors
Need a DIY Gate Frame
sliding gate frame in white
DIY Gate Frame
More details on DIY Gate frames
Rear view of a sliding gate
Kit included
Instructions, Galvanized sliding gate frame, rails, post, and motor. 1 free on site service call if required in the Melbourne area, so if you have any problems while installing your gate, be sure to give us a call! Interstate DIYers can use our 1300 number.
These are the pictures of the finished project. Well done Danny! He had a 10mm gap between the timbers, the project turned out great! We supplied the Sliding gate frame and all of the post and rolling gear. This was a complete kit, and nothing else was required.
Danny also purchased DIY fence panels from us and all of them were powder coated in Satin Black.
Excellent work Danny!

It's not a lean it's the camera angle
it had me worried !!!

The pictures show the gate before Danny attached the timer to his DIY sliding gate kit.
Sliding Gate Size
Sliding Gate Kit
3 Powder Coated Posts

Danny did not want to get a gate motor as he was happy to close it by hand.
Sliding Gate Component Kits
Building you own Sliding Gate      
external wheel
More details on building your own sliding gate
Sliding gate stop
track nails
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