Low voltage hydraulic operator for very intensive use, suitable for any type of residential, industrial or multi-residence application. Compact and sturdy, they can automate swing gate leaves up to 3m wide and weighing up to 800kg. Fitted with mechanical stops and virtual encoder, guaranteeing maximum anti-crushing safety thanks to the electronic slowdown and D-Track system
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Under Ground Double Swing Gate Motor BFT ELI 250 N BT - 400kg
with Control Board  - 3 Remotes
     Part Number - MOT110 - Double Motors

UnderGround Gate Motor

BFT gate motor installed
underground BFT gate motor
BFT ELO 250 BT underground gate motor
BFT underground gate motor dimensions

Basic Information

Motor power supply


Leaf Maximum width

3.0 M

Leaf maximum weight

 400 kg

D - Dimension


Motor Type


 Motor Technical Data

 Power Supply

 230 / 24V

 Current Draw

 1,4 A

 Max power

 175 W

 Duty cycle

 80 cycles / 24h

 Traction force

 350 Nm

 Motor thermal protection

 120 C

 Opening time (90 Deg)


 Maximum opening angle

 120 deg (180 deg with lever)

 Operating temperature

 -20 + 50 C

 Protection rating

 IP 67

 Self - locking


 Limit switches for opening


 Limit switches for closing




 Basic Control Board Functions

 Second line of photocells


 Pedestrian passage function (partially open)


 Electronic lock connection


 Running time adjustment


 Force adjustment


 Pre-Flashing of warning light


 Automatic closing


 Soft-stop, Soft-start


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For residential Swing gates weighing up to 400kg / 3m Long

ELO 250 BT: In-ground Irreversible electromechanical operator 24 V for swing gates weighing up to 400 kg and 3m long.

Simplified and Intuitive Wiring: the new Merak control units have standardised terminal blocks with different colours depending on the input and output function blocks for maximum ease of connection of operators and accessories.
Obstacle Recognition: the D-Track torque management and control system ensures maximum safety for people and property, as well as facilitating certification of the system.
Interconnectivity: the Merak control unit is native to U-link protocol for control of the operator via Bluetooth, 485 serial network or TCP-IP network.
Main Features:
Magnetic Limit Switches: this type of limit switch ensures safe and precise installations in any ambient condition
Control Unit with Programming Display: the Merak control unit with programming display with preprogrammed scenarios helps the installer in the programming display with preprogrammed scenarios helps the installer in the programming phase; the control unit is arranged in an oblique way, to facilitate reading and making the settings.
Front Screws: this arrangement of the casing screws offers ease and convenience during installation and maintenance, even when there is limited space.
Release Lever with Personalised key: the release lever simplifies motor release and the personalised key ensures its uniqueness, for better safety.

Control Unit: THALIA
Max Leaf Length: 3m
Max Leaf: 400 kg
Power Supply: 24V
Power Input: 175 W
Maximum Angle: 120°
Slowdown: Yes
Cycle Time: 15 sec
Locking: Mechanical
Limit Switch: Magnetic
Release: Yes
Use: Intensive
Environmental Conditions: -20 °C to +55 °C
IP Rating: IP67
Impact reaction: D-Track
Operator Weight: 10kg
Operator type: Swing Gate with Underground Electro-mechanical Operator
Kit Contains:

1 x THALIA Control Board Unit
3 x BFT Mitto 2 Channel Transmitters
2 x BFT ELI 250 BT Operator
5 Year Warranty - Can't beat that
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