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lokk bolt fixed to a gate
Drop Bolt 550mm long
Lokk-Bolt  For METAL GATES

  (18") for Metal gates  LB118BX
$89.95  P/N  DB460

610mm (24") for Metal gates LB124BX
$119.00   P/N  DB462
Drop Bolt  450mm
450mm Long x 12mm Pin
$7.20    P/N DB450
Lockable Security Bolt - Ideal for Double-Drive Gates

The LokkBolt cane-bolt is a superbly stylish and long-lasting privacy and security drop-bolt.

It is key-lockable and available in two lengths (457mm and 610mm").

Quick and simple to install on all gate and fence materials, there are special models available for metal, wood and vinyl gates. Wood and vinyl gate models feature special fixing points for added strength.

Clever bolt retention grooves mean this cane-bolt will never drop, drag, bend or grind across driveways!

An optional Base Plate offers added strength to the securing ground hole.

Re-keyable 6-pin locks that are keyed-alike to other D&D products with 6-pin locks.
long drop bolts
Long Drop Bolts
with weld on lugs

Lenght 1050mm x 16mm Dia  with weld on lugs 

P/N DB466 - $33.00

lokk base plate
Lokk Bolt Moulded Base Plate
with Caps - No need to drill a drop bolt hole in your Driveway
only requires 2 x 8mm dynabolts.  Tested to with stand car tyres

Dia - 120mm
Height - 20mm
Only Black colour avilable

Part Number - FK475 $ 16.20

Pad Bolt 100mm Long bolt
Pad Bolt Long bolt
Pad Bolt Zinc plated
Only Black colour avilable

Lokk-Bolt  For WOOD GATES

457mm (18") for Wood gates  LB218BX
$89.95  P/N  DB461

610mm  (24") for Wood gates  LB224BX
$119.00   P/N  DB464
Pad Bolt 175mm Long bolt
L 100mm x T 30mm x P 34mm x D 9mm
$ 4.90 P/N FK115
550mm Long x 19mm Pin
$10.50   P/N DB455
300mm Long x 12mm Pin
$6.90   P/N DB300
650mm Long x 19mm Pin
$12.60    P/N DB458
Spring Loaded Bolt 130mm
Spring Loaded Bolt 130mm


Part Number - FK409 $ 8.50/each

Spring loaded pad lock
Spring loaded Pad Latch
Zinc coated easily screw on
$14.50  Part Number FK402

Swings shut and closes but requires to slide the bolt to open

Drop Bolts and Sliding Bolts

Bolt Dia - D
Lenght = L
Mounting Plate = P
L 150mm x T 40mm x P 34mm x D 9mm
$ 5.50 P/N FK120
Pad Bolt 150mm Long bolt
L 175mm x T 60mm x P 46mm x D 12mm
$ 6.50 P/N FK125
Pad Bolt 215mm Long bolt
L 215mm x T 55mm x P 45mm x D 12mm
$ 8.50 P/N FK160
Pad Bolt 140mm Long bolt
L 140mm x T 38mm x P 46mm x D 12mm
$ 6.50 P/N FK150
lokk bolt with keys
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Drop and Sliding Bolts for Gates

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