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Low Profile Steel Galvanised Caps Part
100x100mm - Finish - Gal CP686
120x120mm - Finish - Gal CP688
150x150mm - Finish - Gal CP694
200x200mm - Finish - Gal CP690
Low Profile Steel Caps Part
100x100mm - Finish - Black CP687
120X120MM - Finish - Black CP689
150x150mm - Fish - Black CP696
200x200mm - Finish - Black CP692
Steel Caps
Finish - Galvanised
25x25mm - Finish - Gal
30x30mm - Finish - Gal CP604
35x35mm - Finsh - Gal CP606
40x40mm - Finish - Gal CP608
50x50mm - Finish - Gal CP610
65x65mm - Finsh - Gal CP620
75x75mm - Finish - Gal CP635
90x90mm - Finish - Gal CP655
100x100mm - Finish - Gal CP680
125x125mm - Finish - Gal CP682
150x150mm - Finish - Gal CP684
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Steel Galvanized Post Caps - easy to install simply knock them on with a hammer giving your post that finished look and protect the inside from water gathering. Steel caps are made to weather outside they are two types, Galvabond and Hot dip Galvanized. GALVABOND® is a zinc-coated commercial forming steel with a spangled surface unlike Galvanized Hot Dip.

The measurements shown are inside dimensions of the caps so a 40x40mm cap wil fit over a 40x40mm tube.
Powder Coat your Caps
We can powder coat these steel caps to any colour an extra charge applies

Please Email:
Steel Caps - Galvanised
Powder Coated - Black
25x25mm - Finish - Black CP603
30x30mm - Finish - Black CP605
35x35mm - Finish - Black CP607
40x40mm - Finish - Black CP609
50x50mm - Finish - Black CP611
65x65mm - Finish - Black CP621
75x75mm - Finish - Black CP637
90x90mm - Finish - Black CP657
100x100mm - Finish - Black CP681
125x125mm - Finish - Black CP683
150x150mm - Finish - Black CP685
An Email will be sent asking what colour within 12 Hours

Colour Chart
weld cap plate on a post
post end caps weld on
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If you require a Free sample of our caps please email or call us 1300 121 666
ask for Annie *conditions apply
black powder coated steel cap
steel cap galvanised finish
Steel Caps - Finish - Galvanised
Steel Caps - Finish - Black
steel cap 125x125mm
black steel cap 150x150mm
Low Profile Steel Caps
Finish - Black
Low Profile Steel Caps
Finish - Galvanised
black steel caps
yellow steel cap
cream steel cap

Steel Post End Caps Square

Galvanisation - This is a process of applying a zinc protective coating to steel, to prevent it from rusting. One of the most common method is hot-dip galvanizing, which involves submerged parts in a tank of molten zinc.
flat top steel cap
Flat Top Steel Galvanised Caps Part
90x90mm - Finish - Gal CP656
100x100mm - Finish - Gal CP678
125x125mm - Finish - GAl CP679
Flat Top Steel Caps
Finish - Galvanised
Weld on  Steel Caps
Finish - Galvanised
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Powder Coated
Also available in
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Steel Square Post Caps

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