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Weekly Programmable Electronic Gate Timer

$89.50  P/N  ET765
pdf file
240V  Timer 
12VDC Gate Timer Frontier
12VDC - 24VAC/DC - 240VC Digital Timer 
12VDC  - $89.50           P/N  ET680

24VAC/DC  - $89.50     
P/N ET720

240VC - $89.50             P/N ET722
pdf instruction for the 12vdc timer
Contact Rating: 16A @ 30VDC
Operating Voltage: 12VDC
Panel Thickness: <7mm
Switch Type: SPDT (one NO and one NC)
The connection is smiliar to a dry contact relay. There are 5 terminals at the back.
- 2 terminals for power and GND
- 1 terminal is COM
- 1 terminal is NC
- 1 terminal is NO
Example to connect a water pump to a 12V battery:
Terminal 1 (12V) -> Battery Power (+)
Terminal 2 (GND) -> Battery Power (-)
Terminal 3 (COM) -> Pump (+)
Terminal 5 (NO) -> Battery Power (+)
Pump (-) connect to Battery Power (-)
Other voltage version:
24V AC/DC and 240V AC version is available
240V gate timer
One independent circuit allowing easy programming, and maintenance free operation.

6 independent ON/OFF operations within a combination of 10 different setting modes.

In operating mode, the liquid crystal will indicate actual time, day of the week and whether the unit is in ON, AUTO, OFF mode.

Can be switched to ON or OFF or AUTO mode at any time without interfering with the programme setting.

External ON/OFF switching is built in.

Finger protected terminals and sealable transparent cover.

90-Day Battery Backup.
Gate Timer
12VDC or a 24VAC/DC  Timer connection to a Gate Motor Control Board
Normally Close/ Normally Open  Terminology

Gate Timer
This is a ‘normally open'

This is a ‘normally closed'

PHOTOCELL This is a ‘normally closed'

PEDESTRIAN START This is a ‘normally open'

Manual Push Buttons This is a ‘normally open'

PEDESTRIAN START This is a ‘normally open'

Opening limit switch's normally closed electric

Closing limit switch's normally closed
12VDC Gate Timer Frontier
Important Note.
When you have set your days and times and your ready to run.
Make sure the red light is not on - it's easy to do when selecting your mode via the manual button keep selecting until you have Auto and no red light on   this applys to only the Frontier 7 day timer. The red light comes on during your set time.
blinking light
Need a product to allow your gate to only operate at set times?

This versatile 7 day digital timer is ideal for use in any appliance which requires automation. It can be configured to switch at up to 8 different times during a 24 hour period. In addition, it can be programmed to operate on a wide variety of days. eg. Daily, Week days only, Weekends only, Every second day, or selected group of days. The resolution of timer is 1 minute.
The timer has three modes of operation. In the "auto" mode, the timer automatically switches at the pre-programmed times. In the "on" mode, the switch is always on regardless of the timer program setting. In the "off" mode, the timer will not switch regardless of the program settings. The mode of operation can only be changed when power is applied to the switch.
In the event of a power failure, the switch retains its program data via an inbuilt long life lithium battery. Features a unique quick fixing mechanism which suits panels up to 7mm thick.
This model allows for Switch-on and switch-off times to be set for each program. ie Allows a different "on" duration for each program.
al is NO
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