photocell EPMB NICE
Used as a safety device. Protects by sensing person or vehicle in danger zones. Operate at a distance up to 295'. When infrared beam is broken it produces a detection signal to stop or reverse a gate. Used primarily with gate operators. Can be used in sets to protect all areas of entrapment
On most gate motors there is a special outlet for Photo Safety Beams on the control board.

Normally Open” and “Normally Closed” are words that you'll come across when many accessories to gate motors.

“Normally Closed”
Designation which states that the contacts of a switch or relay are closed or connected when at rest. When activated, the contacts open or separated.

Use “Normally Closed” when installing Photo Safety Beams! When someone passes through the inferred beam the circuit is broken.

“Normally Open”: Designation which states that the contacts of a switch or relay are normally open or not connected. When activated the contacts close or become connected

Non Polarity means they are reversible.
When wiring photo cells to your gate you will require 4 wire cables: 2 for power, 1 to common (earth) and 1 for normally closed outlets on the control board.
Photo cells are designed for safety!
nice gate motor photocells
Nice photocell EPLB
Nice Era (BlueBus System)
only to be used with Nice Motors
Photocells M Beams (Waterproof)
Made in Italy

* An antiglare circuit which eliminates possible sunlight interference.
* 10 degree angle of reception
* ABS body that is resistant to all conditions
* 2 range levels
* Estimated range of 15m
$109.00 -   P/N  ET409
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1. Gate Automation
2. Overhead door
3. Swing gate
4. Sliding door
5. Perimeter Protection
6. Window Security Protection
7. Terrace
8. Warehouse
9. Parking lot
10. Entry Alert
Installation manual

Photobeam Photoelectric Safety Sensor

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