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GateMaster Gate Closer
Part Number GC034

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measurments of the Gatemaster gate closer
This top quality gate closing strut is ideal for closing gates up to 80kg.  Our experience shows that these closers will actually close gates up to 300KG depending on the set up of the gate and hinges. On heavy gates, if 1 gas strut is not sufficient 2 or more can be used .Using the unique adjustable brackets the force this closer exerts on the gate can be increased or decreased as required.

No need to release gas to reduce the spring force, just simply move the strut along the slots in the brackets to adjust the force exerted.  The major advantage of this is that the force can be increased again at a later date by moving the strut further from the gate hinge.  The adjustable brackets also make the installation easy as there is no need to compress the spring when fitting it to the gate.

If permanent force reduction is required, use the Gas release tool.

Weld-fix or screw-fix brackets available giving the option for fitting to metal or wooden gates
GateMaster - Gate Closer
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