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u shape floor track for sliding gate wheel
external sliding gate wheel
internal sliding gate wheel
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Internal Wheels
External Gate Wheels

Choose the type of wheel U Groove suits Your Gate

front view of a U groove gate wheel
U Groove wheel with no Holding Bracket
difference between a
Single and Double bearing wheel
nylon sliding gate wheel

Nylon Sliding gate wheel U Groove

Ideal for corrosive areas
Seaside etc
More details on the sliding gate internal
More details on the sliding gate 60mm wheels external
More details on the sliding gate nylon
More details on the sliding gate U groove wheel
In Most cases 2 wheels are enough for Sliding gates upto 5M, if you want to add any extra wheels 2 at each end 200-300mm aparts would be better then adding a third wheel in the middle. A middle wheel would take all the weight if there is any rises in the floor track and would shorten the life of that wheel.   2 wheels or 4 wheels is the right way to do this. 

Select a Sliding gate wheel that suits your needs

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