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60mm external sliding gate wheel
sliding gate roller holder
60mm external Sliding gate wheel
60mm sliding gate wheel
floor gate stopper
This Kit $ 403.00
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Kit Includes
4 x 3 Mtrs of Floor Track
1 x Track Joiner
1 x Gate Stopper
1 x Gate Holder
1 x Guide Rollers
2 x 60mm External Sliding gate wheels
delivery man
sliding gate holder
track joiners
Free x 3
Track Joiner
floor nails

Free x 48 pcs
Track fasteners

Sliding Gate Component Kit with 60mm Wheels - $403.00

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Gate Stopper with Base 120mm high
$15.50 each
Shipping Weight 0.69kg
bolted sliding gate stop
Guide Rollers for Sliding Gate
2 of Adjustable Nylon rollers
Mounting Bracket Zinc Plated

P/N  WH226
top guide rollers for sliding gate
joiner for floor track
side view of floor track
Floor Track for Sliding Gates - 3mm thick Galvanized Steel
Material - Galvanized Steel able to withhold daily use in high traffic areas, able to accommodate Forklifts and Semi-Trailers all day.
With each 2 lengths we supply a track joiner made from Aluminum and is hollow in case you need to run wire under the track from on side to the other.
3 metres of floor track
Floor Joiner
Each 3 Metre Length of floor track there are 16 Holes
60mm Double Bearing wheel

These sliding gate wheels can be bolted under the sliding gate and are ideal for both Steel and timber sliding gates

Try not to weld them try to bolt them or tek screw them to the underside of the bottom of the gate as they will need to be replaced depending on use.
60 mm external sliding gate wheel
50mm gate holder
holder height
inside width
holder length
Sliding Gate Holder for Gate up to  50mm Thick
Adjustable Height & Position
Attached at the closing end of the gate

P/N BK405
Size 30mm long x 6mm dia

Require a 6mm masonry drill
floor track nails
Track fasteners - Zipfix
Above ground track fasteners simply drill through concrete. Hit the nail forcefully with a hammer and the aluminum sock will expand the track is in place. Only 19c each. 
P/N FS740
2 Lengths of Floor track have 32 holes for some type of fixing to the concrete.

You can use dynabolts 6mm dia and at bunnings they cost approx 79 cents each and that can cost you $37.92.
Floor Track Fasterners (ZipFix)
floor track
floor track
floor track
floor track
4 x 3M Floor Track
Total 12M

60mm Sliding gate kit

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