Weld on
Bearing hinge
upto 600 kgs
Weld onto the post
Weld on top race bearing for gates
Weld onto the post
Weld on top race bearing for gates
WELD ON 400kg Hinges top
Heading for weld on bearing hinge upto 350kg
Types of Race Bearing hinges
22 years of building gates and if someone ask what type of hinge would I recommended, Each time I would without doubt recommended this type of hinge for any type of gate except for swimming pool gates where self closing is required. The secret to a good gate is it hinges. Gary Summersett  - Gatesplus  
picture showig a bearing hinge attached to the top of the gate
bearing hinge welded to a plate
cut away showing the bearing working
cut away of the bearing hinge
This images shows the race bearing hinge at the top of this page cut in two showing the thickness of the housing able to withstand heavy welding.
Cut away of the Bottom Hinge 1000kg
cut away showing a weld
This cut away show there's no distortion to the cap after applying a full weld, welding the gate to the cap has no effect
picture of a gate with bearing hinges
WELD ON 1000 kg Hinges top
Race Bearing hinges with plates
Bottom race bearing for heavy gates
Bolt onto the Post or Brick Pillar
Bearing hinge
upto 350 kgs
Bearing hinge
upto 600kgs
Bolt onto the Post or Brick Pillar
Race Bearing hinges bolt on
Bottom race bearing bolt on 1000 kg
Knock in bearing hinges
350 & 500 kgs
Bolts onto the post
2 Types
knock in bearing hinge top hinge
knock in bearing hinge bottom hinge
Bearing hinges for
Heavy Gates
Over 1000kgs
Bolts onto the post and can be welded also
2 Types
Heavy Duty Hinges 1200 gates top
Heavy Duty Hinges 1200 gates bottom
Weld to Gate and Post
5 ton hinges
Weld on Bearing hinges(5000kg) to suit 8 Meter wide gate x
2000mm High, weighting 3 tons.
gate shape
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Types of Bearing Hinges for Swing Gates

Race Bearing hinges are the strongest hinge you can have on any gate, Gate Motors and Gate Closers work much better with Bearing hinges they offer little or no resistance then any other hinge on the market place. Image pushing your gates closed with your little finger.
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