Weldon to screw in hinges
timber hinge screw in to screw in
weld to weld hinge left

Lift off or Prison Hinges

Select the type of Hinge that suits your application
Maintenance - Even though they are cost effective hinge and used in most cases they cause the most grief to customers applying a bit of care and once a year apply a dap of grease inside the socket will prolong the life and if you don't do this they will crease up and you will not be able to open and close the gate and the cost to have them cut off and have new ones installed out way the initial cost and hassle. 
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steel post
Weld on to Weld on hinges can be welded on to the steel frame and welded on to the steel post not suitable for timber post or timber gate frame
We call these hinges Screw on to screw on and can be either used on timber gate frame to timber post or Steel gate frame to steel post using self drilling tek screws, Very handy for all types of gate frames and gate post.  
These Hinges are designed to be Welded on to the gate frame and either screwed into a steel post using tek screws or timber post using couch bolts
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